Brenda Hilton has spent the last 22 years working in officiating and collaborating with assignors and officials from youth to the highest level of Division I. Over the years, Brenda grew to appreciate what officials bring to sporting events and to value their position as leaders on and off the fields and courts. Seeing the crisis brewing in the officiating space with the shrinking number, lack of retention and poor treatment of officials, she knew she had to do something to ensure there were sports officials at all levels for generations to come.

Her passion for the treatment, recruitment, and retention of officials is well-known around the officiating circuit, and her desire to understand the officiating roles over the years has served the world of officiating well.

Brenda currently serves as the Senior Director, Officiating at the Big Ten Conference. Prior to being hired at the Big Ten Conference, Brenda spent 11 years with the Summit League. 

Since founding Officially Human, Brenda has appeared on more than 20 podcasts, several television sportscasts/ print articles and met with officiating groups around the country/world to raise awareness and spread the importance of “humanizing” sports officials.