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About Us

Sports officials have been giving back to the community for years but never before have referees and umpires from all levels of sports come together with the combined goal of making a difference.

In 2006 MLB Umpires started their own non-profit, and soon, officials from other leagues took notice. Small conversations turned into bigger ones, and now, a collective effort is underway to make a greater impact.

With a shortage of officials in all sports and the rise of physical and verbal abuse, officials know the time is now to strengthen and inspire the next generation of sports officials and to make positive change in the community.

There is a saying that teamwork makes the dream work, and Sports Officials Care is all about that mantra – making the right call in the officiating community and the community at large.

Our Mission

The Mission of Sports Officials Care is to inspire, educate, and unite sports officials at all levels with the common goal of giving back and creating positive change in the world of sports and in the community.

We Envision a World Where…..

officials are respected by players, coaches, parents and spectators.

young officials are inspired to become leaders and empowered to be game-changers in life.

good sportsmanship is the rule and not the expectation.

there isn’t a shortage of sporting officials in youth sports.

giving back is always the right call.

Sports Officials Care


Jenn Skolochenko-Platt

Executive Director

Jennifer Jopling

Sr. Director of Programs & Development

Amy Rosewater

Director of Marketing & Communications

Callie Mendenhall


How You Can Get Involved

There are many ways to help make a difference. Contact us to learn more.