Make the Right Call

Skills for Officiating

Official Leadership Program

There is a growing crisis across the country with a shortage of sports officials impacting all youth sports. Through the Official Leadership Program, Sports Officials Care will be part of the solution by teaching social and emotional learning skills and officiating mechanics while providing mentorship and a direct line to employment to teens in under-resourced communities.
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Our unique, sport specific, 6-week courses use the lens of sports to develop leadership qualities for students, connect them with employment opportunities and offer mentorship through becoming an official and beyond.

In addition, we will provide connections with Professional Officials so students can hear their stories and learn from their journeys.

Without officials….it’s just recess

Respect the Call

There have been major challenges with the recruitment and retention of officials due to mistreatment and abuse, especially in youth sports.

Sports officials are people who love the game and are trying to give back to their community. They are also human beings who are giving it their best effort every day.

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Sports Officials Care has partnered with Officially Human, a non-profit whose mission is to restore respect to game officials and recognize them as authorities on fields and courts. The program targets and supports youth sports leagues to become certified through Officially Human, receiving education and training on proper treatment of officials. This helps ensure the future of youth sports as we know it, leaving the next generation of officials on solid ground.

Bringing Awareness on How To Get Involved

Game On

There is a shortage of youth sports officials across all sports both here in the United States and around the world.

Due to the increasing mistreatment of officials there is a lack of new people interested in becoming an official. The average age of a youth sports official is around 55 years old.

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There is a lack of awareness on how to get involved and stay involved in sports, as well as the many benefits of being an official.

Through this program professional sporting officials from the NBA, WNBA, NHL, NFL, MLB host clinics to introduce teens to officiating as a possibility for employment and continued involvement in sports.

Participants are then connected with additional training opportunities in their area and sport(s) of preference in partnership with the National Association of Sporting Officials (NASO).

Joining Together

Community Game Changer

As those at the top of the game know, being an official means giving back. This program is a collaborative effort to inspire officials of all levels to give back.

As leaders in the industry, we think it’s important to use our platform for good. By banding together we can make a greater impact in professional sports markets across the country, in and out of the game.